Monday, December 24

The ODI retirement of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

All the recent happenings notwithstanding, it's sad that I won't ever again watch Sachin Tendulkar walk out in India's colours, nor see his name on the scoreboard for a one-day international. I won't ever again feel the anticipation of him walking out to open the innings, squinting at the sky to get his eyes adjusted to the sunlight. I won't wonder if he's going to help us achieve that huge total, get us off to a flying start. His lustre and that of the one-day format might have diminished in recent years, but when I was growing up it his batting in the one-dayers was the most entertaining thing you could watch.

Thank you, Sachin, for all the years we secretly woke up to watch matches in Australia, for the years we stayed late watching you bat in the Caribbean. For the all the times we switched off our TV when you were declared out, because we cared less about the team's chances than about your performances. Not that the two were very disconnected. Thank you for your batsmanship, for standing up to the world's best fast bowlers, spinners and for your cliched lines at so many presentation ceremonies. "It's the team that matters", you've said. It did, it does. But not every die-hard fan of you always thought like that. Your poetry mattered, your ability to whoop ass mattered, your centuries mattered, your records mattered.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, thank you for being a huge part of my generation's childhood. Fare thee well, old man.


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  2. I loved the whole blog until the last line. "Fare thee well, old man." . Sachin is neither old man nor he can ever be. No matter how much reasoning, rational thinking and common sense fail. Sachin is beyond the aging, mortality etc. Sachin being called old is not acceptable sir.

  3. Yes, a lot of rational things don't apply to the old man.

    Thanks for your comment! :)

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