Friday, August 12

Three deaths, three versions

In the UK riots recently, three men were tragically run over and killed while protecting their property. This is where I read it first: BBC - Three killed protecting property during Birmingham riots.

When I saw it on Hindustan Times, I almost didn't recognize it. It was titled: 3 Asians killed, fear of race violence in Britain.

Curious, I decided to check out And, of course, this is how it was titled: Slaying of 3 Muslims lays bare divisions.

Interesting isn't it, how death in rioting can be covered so differently?


  1. And we call ourselves united in diversity and all the rest of the blahblah.
    'World citizens' apparently.

    And I'm affronted that I'm getting into an industry, journalism, that makes so many gaffes.
    Providing the RIGHT information is what we are SUPPOSED to do.


  2. Well, I'm not being so judgmental about it. Everyone has their own agendas and perspectives to cover.

    And if you do feel that you want to change something in the industry, the best way is from the inside. So good luck with your move! :)

  3. This is funny and sad in the same breath isn't it?