Wednesday, August 17

At least someone's doing something about corruption

As a blogger, sometimes I find others' writing is inspiring; sometimes I find it so good that it freezes me. This piece by Girish Shahane is one such piece. How beautifully he blends an opinion piece with a movie review with current affairs!

I echo Girish's views on the whole Anna Hazare movement as well. Holding the government hostage based on a squeaky clean image and good intentions is just not on. Anna's call for a government strike and his latest move are just as bad as the government not allowing Anna the right to a peaceful protest. This is aside from the fact that the Lokpal bill itself isn't going to solve all our problems -- it may even exacerbate them.

We're a little desperate as a country and I can understand why. Corruption at the highest level is a malaise, but corruption at the lowest level is what we face in our daily lives. Here there still lies scope for introspection. We can avoid paying bribes because jobs get done quicker. We can do our best in our daily lives to avoid corruption. I have seen some of my compatriots who come to Europe, bending every rule in the book without compunction because it's easy to do so, even in an environment that doesn't call for it. Maybe we can start by ridding ourselves of these habits.

Do I know that Lokpal will definitely fail? No. It's possible that the sheer momentum of the anti-corruption voice may cause the Lokpal Bill to be successful to begin with, and with more amendments, lead us to a future with lesser corruption. The subject of corruption is a complex one with many variables, and I don't pretend to know all the answers. But a flawed idea isn't a good place to start, even if it comes with the best intentions.

The best context for me to say 'At least someone's doing something about it' is where the 'someone' refers to myself.


  1. Too much hype. Isn't it?
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  2. Atul UltimaterockerSeptember 25, 2011 9:51 AM

    The thing is that the politics is getting dirtier. Lokpal bill is just a ray of hope in such situation.

  3. Anna hazare is last of the great gandhi followers.He is doing a gr8 service to country.