Thursday, September 23

10 reasons why Commonwealth Games 2010 are like the Oktoberfest

  1. Both events' names are misleading. Most of Oktoberfest falls in September; the Commonwealth games have already created an uncommon amount wealth for some organizers.
  2. The Oktoberfest is known for the best types of wurst. The Commonwealth Games are known for the worst types of worsts (worst in meeting deadlines, worst planned to expenditure ratio etc).
  3. Both events are best enjoyed / tolerated by consuming copious quantities of alcohol.
  4. Athletes come from different parts of the world to participate in games at both events. Many of these games end with falling down.
  5. The Commonwealth Games features a massive statue of its mascot Shera, a tiger who is nicknamed a lion. The Oktoberfest features a massive statue of Bavaria with a lion by her side. This lion, however, is not called a tiger. 
  6. The theme song of the Games was recently remixed to make it more peppy. The songs at the Oktoberfest get more peppy depending on how many drinks you have mixed. 
  7. In one event, participants are ready to sleep in sleeping bags on lawns. In the other event, they complain about everything possible.
  8. The length of the Oktoberfest depends on which date the first Sunday of October falls. The completion percentage of the 2010 Commonwealth Games depends on which side of the bed Suresh Kalmadi wakes up.
  9. The Oktoberfest is declared open when the mayor of Munich taps open the first filled keg of beer. The Games will be officially declared open after the last available resources have been tapped.
  10. Locals regard the Oktoberfest beer as outrageously priced at 11.70 Euros a liter. Locals and internationals consider the toilet paper at the CWG outrageously priced at $80 a roll.
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