Saturday, August 21

Ads for 'Innovative' products from the future

In an attempt to be innovative, companies are constantly adding more of the same stuff in their products. New 'technology' and 'features' are designed to make our lives easier. While this might be true in many cases, have these two products from the future gone too far?

Product from 2016: Gillette Super7

Gillette: How blade are we?

When your stubble is too stubborn for six slicers.

The number seven is the number of balance. Not as many as eight, but far superior to six, Super7 has just the right number of blades for a super comfortable shave, should you still have any skin left on that face. This time (as usual) we promise a super close shave and you have no choice but to believe us as our brand ambassador, recently rehabbed pop star, Justin Bieber shows his clean-shaven mug.
[Note: Actual results may differ depending on whether or not you have real hair growing on your face]

Product from 2012: Facebook version 1 million

Tagline + Slogan:

Art: Facebook version 1 million 
Want to show the friends you don't have in real life how many friends you really have? Have you ever pondered existential questions like when you will die, how good you are in bed or which Bollywood star you are? Do you want all your communication with family and friends to be reduced to a 'Like' or 'hai hru doing'? Then Facebook is the thing for you! Secretly pry on your partner's hot friend's photographs and go a step further with the super poke 3D, which lets you poke people - in 3D! But that's not all. You can like stuff you could never imagine, as our brand ambassadors' status message proves. So what are you waiting for? It's time you got a life, it's time you got Facebook.


  1. Hahahahaha!!

  2. The Fb bit = awesome :P

  3. Thanks dude. :)

  4. both were really funny. since i hate facebook, i loved the 2nd part more:)

  5. Only too glad to fuel your hate.

  6. Hilarious! :) Btw, isn't your dp from that cool animation movie? I forgot it's name.

  7. Yeah, Corpse Bride.