Thursday, July 29

Burn, Bedi burn! Flames-a-get-a-higher.

The whole Muttiah Muralidaran-BSB (I love how that shortens to an ignominous short form) flare-up is such a waste of time.

It's the equivalent of two children going:
"You stole my mucus ball."
"No you gave it to me."
"Who gives away a mucus ball?"

I really think BS Bedi (another brilliant abbreviation) is the one who deserves a full toss on the balls. And I don't mean slow left arm flighted deliveries either. He's one of those irritating people who gets his kicks out of calling others names and such; he had this coming to him.

The worst part, of course, is non-entities like Maninder Singh chiming in. Supposed to be the heir to BSB, he only had the hair of BSB and his claim to fame was being responsible for India tying a winning test match. He's so much better off being in the news for 'accidentally' attempting suicide.

And before I end, the J-Rod links the best in this post to the best. The man is quite random, and you must follow him on Twitter for unadulterated cricket fun.


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