Thursday, May 13

A World T20 ditty

Anyone can bowl short to our batters,
A little bounce sees them in tatters.
It makes Gambhir looks very serious,
And Murali Vijay, he don't seem victorious.
The man beast can't play the hook or the pull,
The only beast he resembles is a lot of bull.
And all Mr Yuvi can do is push and prod,
That, and wobble his jiggly bod.
Heck, no wonder everyone's sobriquet isn't 'God'.

It's not for us - this pulling and cutting,
We're more comfortable with slogging and ducking.
But captain courageous did score a few runs,
And the other CSK boy Raina even got a ton.
All in all, it wasn't such a bad trip,
At least it the boys had a Caribbean dip.
Hey you know what the BCCI can now do,
After the money-counting is through?
Perhaps they can organize a party or two.

(Image Copyright AFP)


  1. marvellous !!

  2. Good job, Rohan!! I also like this fellow, Anonymous...have been reading his quotes lately.

  3. In case you're wondering, that's not me!