Monday, March 8

Sugar fronts and cyclical reproductions

Today's ToI has a headline 'PM admits failure on sugar front'

"If there is a failure of ---, it is with regard to sugar... we have not been able to find a practical and pragmatic way to deal with the cyclical behaviour of sugarcane reproduction"
(emboldening and ommission mine)

The statement, of course, was no consolation for this dejected soul who has had a difficult life because of repeated frontal failures by parent sugars.

In unrelated news, another long awaited product for men is finally out in the market.

Yes, while the wife is sincerely hunting for groceries in the retail store, I'm off snickering at funny sounding products and taking pictures. It's quite a shame.


  1. What are those products anyways?

  2. The first is brown sugar (not related to any drug) and the second is black berry (of the natural kind).

  3. The Netherlands is such a fun place!

  4. Yeah, and I haven't even blogged about Amsterdam yet. :)

  5. The Netherlands is such a fun place!