Friday, March 19

Good news, bad news

Recently, there's a forward that's been going around that has a British journalist waxing eloquent about India based on his experience in Tamil Nadu. Here is the scanned image that you've probably already felt warm inside about.

On the other hand, Anjali Philip pointed me to this piece through her Twitter feed. Here's a sample:
India is a mess. It’s that simple, but it’s also quite complicated.
It goes on to state what the author thinks about India's problems, and this guy has travelled the country a little more than ol' Shakespeare of the previous article. I'm not saying that either of these are perfect or accurate in every way, but why am I not surprised that no one's forwarding this article (or even reweeting the link)?

Our love for good news is only paralleled by our tendency to ignore the bad.


  1. No one forwarded me that nice article, I only read the second one on my friend's blog :-(
    I'm too lazy to clean my backyard, which is overflowing with garbage, but if someone writes about a few beautiful spring flowers that bloom on their own, I feel good.

  2. dont recognize failure! shah-baba:P

  3. Hi,

    I am going to post this article on my blog with some additions. Is that okay for you? This article means a lot and I am inspired by it.

    Than to write about the very moderate Chennai Super Kings and the IPL, this means a lot of pride for India. Let our tourism industry grow at least, if there were going to be more of employment opportunities.

  4. @Dinesh: Please feel free to use with appropriate attribution.

  5. @Rohan Yeah I mentioned inside the article and not as a source courtesy. I placed it on the first line of the article. You can see on