Wednesday, February 24

Well-intentioned idiocy

After the tragedy at Carlton Towers earlier today, a friend said that the first few deaths due to jumping off the building happened because folks were trying to be heroic on the ground by holding out blankets and such. If that is true, isn't that the most infuriating thing you've ever heard?

Often, well-meaning folks are let off easy because, after all, they had 'good intentions'. It is easy to understand the desperation of the people trapped inside the building. Unfortunately, the people on the ground should have realised that they were playing with someone's life, good intentions didn't mean squat. Intentions don't bring people back from the grave. What happened at Carlton Towers is tragic, may the souls of those who passed away rest in peace. And may those who tried to be brave be punished appropriately so that they mix a little more intelligence with their bravery the next time.

Ode to to the well-intentioned, unintentional killers
I mean well, even if I have half a brain.
I mean well, even if my ideas are lame.
I mean well, even if I get it wrong sometimes.
I mean well, isn't that the least of all crimes?
I mean well, so whatever I do is justified.
I mean well, even if six people died.


  1. I mean well, even If i see only problems and voice them out;

    I mean well, I'm just an idle observer;

    I mean well, I have a critical voice;

    I mean well, that's why i write this.

  2. Friend. This doesn't rhyme. :P