Sunday, February 14

Thoughts on the Pune blasts

For those thinking that the Senas' and culture police's antics are something to be ignored, think about this: most of the security on Feb 13th at Pune would have been diverted towards protecting citizens entering movie theaters and couples celebrating Valentine's day.

If this had been a series of blasts, most of our security forces would have been wasted around multiplexes and parks, instead of chasing perps. I don't know if this aggravated the situation yesterday, but it sure as hell wouldn't have helped.

Opportunity cost is a very real cost, and folks playing the fool with citizens' security should be put to task very early with a no-forgiveness policy, whatever their last names be. Ironically, the Shiv Sena claims that SRK was not being patriotic by supporting Pakistani cricket players. Guess who were the real traitors yesterday?


  1. Well said. Its all about what resources you have and how you can concentrate them by prioritizing them on issues that matter & don't.

  2. Gireesh SubramaniamFebruary 14, 2010 5:23 PM

    well,the fools questioning the federal integrity of india should be put in jail and punished as appropriate .Yes.valid point.
    but the point you are trying to push seems a little exaggerated.

    causation-correlation fallacy ?

  3. @Dilip: Exactly, the issues that don't matter must be discouraged fiercely.
    @Gireesh: Dude, there's no causation being suggested here, or correlation. The point is about wasting precious, limited resources on inane and pointless issues and it needs to be dealt with more seriously.

  4. agree with you rohan.. if you look at all the blasts and terrors strikes in mumbai over the yrs, there is a dirty trend. all these events have been preceeded by some acts by shiv sena..i feel - we should've either delayed the release of the film and deployed our police for what they do - protect us!!

  5. what nonsense, islamic jihadi terrorists put a bomb and blast German Bakery, and the only people you could think of blaming is the "Shiv Sena"?

    If anything it just made their case stronger that we DON'T have the "best neighbors in the world" as some cheap-publicity seeking b******s are saying to get people to watch their movies.

  6. 2lrbl: Obviously you've misread something. No one is saying Islamic Jihadi terrorists are sweethearts. I think anyone with logic would assume that they need to be dealt with. It's not even a question. About the Senas, the point was related to wasting valuable resources on their antics, a point that often goes unnoticed.

    I don't know why it's a question of one or the other.

  7. Well said. We need to have a draconian TADA type law against riotiing and damaging public property. These idiots will never find people to do their bidding then.

  8. Isn't there a law against damaging public property?