Wednesday, January 20

Aman ki arse-whooping

While ToI tried to do a bang-up job of trying to impress us with a 'peace initiative' called Aman ki Asha, the real Aman ki arse-whooping happened in the IPL auction, with none of the franchises bidding for Pakistani players.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the lack of desire for peace between the two countries. But given the proclivity of the Pak-based terrorists to attack even friendly cricket teams, it's just a safer choice to keep the neighbouring cricketers out of the team in the first place than have to 'ban' the players after an untoward incident takes place.

And just like that, I shall now break into verse.

Aman ki asha got whooped,
As no Pak player got booked,
As the IPL franchise kooks,
Even splurged on Shane Bond.

The Pak players now feel hurt,
Their nation is insulted they blurt,
Cricket's image is damaged, they assert.
But what about when LeT attacked the Lankans?

If anyone really is to blame,
It's not the administrators of the game.
The culprits are always the same,
They're the blasted terrorists.


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