Monday, December 7

Parent friendly blogpost

In India, we take a lot of things for granted. Some of these are:  
  • Garlic breath 
  • Freedom to ask personal questions
  • Per second mobile billing
  • Freedom to drive on the wrong side of the road
  • Garlic farts
  • Freedom to walk on the road
  • Men holding hands with men without being emotionally involved and
  • Sunlight
I actually wanted to write about the last point, but thought I'd generally make up a list filled with other random items so that you read whatever follows. Smart, huh?
So as I was saying, only when one is freezing one's balls off, does one realize how regular the sunlight (and heat) is throughout the year at one's equatorially proximate (are those even real words?) country.
Going to office in winter-time Netherlands is muchos depressing when at 8 in the morning, it's still like 4 am in India. The mind plays tricks on me and says, "It's only, 4 am, machan. Sleep some more. That alarm clock and digital clock and wristwatch are all wrong, da." It's only recently the mind has started speaking English with a Tamil twang.
And even if you manage to finish work on time (hahahaha), which is to say, around 5 PM, it's already twilight. This means that only way to get rid of depression and warm up is using alcohol. And that's a valid reason. And I need to provide valid reasons since my parents are possibly reading this. No, mom and dad, I haven't done a blog cleanup or become an alcoholic. See how nice I am?
"WTF kinda blog post is this, machan? Third class quality, I say!"
I know, I know. I will improve.

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  1. To get rid of depression, not alcohol son. Light , soft music, and determination to be always happy and celebrate life. Keep smiling you hunk!It will warm you and others around you.