Wednesday, December 23

Media couples that can never be

News channels / publications are making a conscious effort to brand couples by combining their names after 'Brangelina' took off like wildfire. A recent one I saw was Saif + Kareena = Saifeena. Unfortunately, Saifeena sounds a little too much like a muscular lady with a severe facial hair problem. But that's not all.

Imagine some couples out there who just can't be because of this new fad. Some are:
  • Fardeen Khan and Trisha (Far-t)
  • Tushar Kapoor and Eesha Deol (Tush-ee)
  • Perizaad Kolah and Younis Khan
  • Chunky Pandey and Rambha (Chunky Rambha)
  • Diya Mirza and Hrithik Roshan
And poor ol' Genelia D'Souza. She's going to have such a tough time finding a guy without the letter 'T' in his first name.