Saturday, December 12

Hindi movie day

Today was officially watch-Hindi-movies-in-the-theater-so-that-you-can-utilize-that-unlimited-movie-card day.

This was the movie we actually set out to watch. After my last movie, expectations from Bollywood in general were at rock bottom. But Paa was not too bad. Based on a kid who has progeria (similar to the premise of Jack which featured Robin Williams), this movie has some funny moments. The senti stuff and the hooks (stupid dance and weird clock in London) were a bit overdone for my taste, but there were gems such as Auro's (the child afflicted with the disease played by Amitabh Bachchan) school friend criticising his father in a humorous exchange, the relatonship between Auro and a girl in school and some of Amitabh's acting itself.

The movie also tries to send some general social messages supporting politicians and criticizing illegal occupants, but thankfully it's not preachy enough to turn you off. It's kind of boring in parts, especially towards the end, but overall was not too bad. Amitabh's make-up is phenomenal and everyone else has done a good job with the acting. I think the movie could have done with some better editing though, the flow just didn't work for me.
Rating: 5/10

So when you're out on a Friday and there's another movie playing right after you finish your first one, what do you do? Especially, when the tickets are free? Faced with this simple question, we did the only thing we could - buy nachos and beer and settle down for another movie.

Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year

Again, after my last movie and the movie poster in general, I had given up on this as another crap comedy with poor taste. The wife and I decided to laugh at all stupid jokes as loudly as possible because the movie was, as the Dutch say, gratis. Surprisingly, this was the better of the two movies. In fact, it was better than quite a few Hindi movies I've seen. There wasn't too much unnecessary dialogue or an irritating love story. Ranbir acts marvelously, aided by an excellent supporting cast and a solid script.

The sales culture in the first 15-20 minutes movie was accurately captured (speaking as someone whose been there) and some of the Bambaiyya humor totally resonated with me. This movie tells the story of an ignored and humiliated sales trainee who builds another firm in parallel and ends up rivaling his existing employer.

Sure the story is kind of 'honesty is the best policy' and the tempo gets a little hit towards the end, but these are just a few elements in an otherwise excellent movie. What I really love about this movie, apart from the rest of the obvious stuff was its background score - punchy when required and some of the melody lines were surprisingly intricate for a Hindi movie soundtrack. Watch this movie if you want a non-masala, but still Bollywood movie. It's no Dev D. or Luck By Chance, but it's interesting enough to merit a watch.
Rating: 7 / 10

Oh and speaking of movies, also do check out 'Precious'. I won't write much about it because it's better to go in without an idea of what's coming, that's what I did anyway. Also, for me it came on a day where I watched Sunitha Krishnan's video, so it made quite an impression. A phenomenal, chilling story of Claireece 'Precious' Jones, a black, obese 16-year old mother and her life and trials in Harlem. Definitely a must watch.
Rating: 8/10

Happy movie watching!
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  1. Did you really watch these in a cinema in Amsterdam?

  2. Yes, I did. Thus fulfilling your request.

  3. Shit. You must be truly home sick.

  4. Shit. You must be truly home sick.