Monday, December 7

#chetanblocks funniest tweets


The most awesome Krish Ashok tells us how Hitler reacts to the news.

Today was a great day to be on Twitter. Chetan Bhagat made the fourth mistake of his life when he blocked a couple of popular Tweeters on Twitter. What he didn't count on was that the Tweeters who blocked were well networked enough to start a #chetanblocks hashtag which became a trending topic in no time. Rohit documents a part of the story here.

Some classics:

Anand R.
  • Nationwide search launched for Chetan Bhagat's sense of humour. No signs yet. #chetanblocks
  • Why can't anyone be in Chetan Bhagat's good books? Because there aren't any. #chetanblocks
  • What's the difference between a Chetan Bhagat book and a leech? The leech eventually stops sucking. #chetanblocks  
  • Why did Chetan Bhagat cross the road? Because nobody could be bothered to block him. #chetanblocks  
 Ramesh Srivats
  • There's no need to get scared of @chetan_bhagat. They say his block is worse than his blight. #chetanblocks  
  • The first 3D Blockbuster - My dear kutti Chetan #chetanblocks  
  • What do they call Chetan Bhagat in Scotland? Blockness monster? #chetanblocks  
  • Please vote for @Chetan_Bhagat in the Indiblockies. #chetansblock
@chuck_gopal The two states of Chetan Bhagat right now - a lot of gas, and solid bull

My company is planning to install @chetan_bhagat as firewall. #ChetanBlocks

Somewhere, Shashi Tharoor is heaving a sigh of relief. #chetanblocks

Chetan Bhagat is offline,Will someone else please block me now? #chetanblocks

Some from yours truly (if I do say so, myself)
  • "Er, Mr B, do you have some slimmer frocks?" "No, but I have plenty of Twitter blocks." #chetansblock #whenchetanbhagatsoldgirlsdresses  
  • C'mon guys. #chetanblocks is not even trending. IS THIS THE INDIA YOU WANT!?!?
The whole universe of posts

And, of course, the classic that started it all -

I guess this is what they call writer's block RT @chetan_bhagat @flyyoufools buddy, one more smart one and u r blocked. ok?

What a day!


  1. Shouldn't it be fifth mistake?

  2. Nope, I mentioned 4th since one of his books was titled 'The 3 mistakes of my life'.

  3. Cool! Thnks for collecting the funny ones :D linked u up to my blog :)

  4. Excellent collection...

  5. You're welcome, Ramki. But I've barely covered any. You should have been there, was a fun day.

  6. You're welcome, Ramki. But I've barely covered any. You should have been there, was a fun day.

  7. Excellent collection...