Wednesday, September 30

Shock deaths

I begin today's post by a quote related to YSR's death and the 'shock deaths' controversy that followed. It wasn't enough that upto 600 'bogus' deaths were reported. To justify that the deaths weren't bogus, a member of the legislative assembly says:
Even we thought of committing suicide after learning about the death of our great leader. We are ready to sacrifice our lives and we don't need politics minus YSR's family.
Eh? Sacrifice should be for some cause, no? Randomly killing yourself because someone you respect died isn't sacrifice. It's general suicidal tendency. More shocking details here.

Oh, and speaking of shock what a bizarre day it was with all of India cheering for Pakistan to win today. A thriller of a match, but it was not to be. Bye bye Champions Trophy. Now the analysis will start - "This isn't the best team", "Dhoni should have slept facing the west", "Why was Dinesh Karthik picked?" etc. But the fact of the matter is, as @Sidin pointed out - We lost only one match. What a crappy tournament format.

Please excuse me now while I attempt suicide.


  1. Why do I feel I'm reading Amit Varma's blog? You seem to be too influenced by him.

  2. Are you Dinesh Karthik? Have I offended you?

    Anyway, if you're following both blogs for a while, you would have noticed that he doesn't make webcomics and I don't write about taxes being spent unwisely.