Wednesday, July 15

Shared auto embarassment

It was a day like many others. I was on my way back from my office in what can be described as the worst transport money can pay for, or as is referred to in more prosaic terms in Chennai as a 'share auto'. It had rained in Chennai that day. Ok, so maybe it wasn't a day like many others.

As I sat in the front portion of the rear part of the vehicle, two young ladies got in behind me. To make this clearer, please understand that my rather voluptuous behind was unintentionally touching their feet as they sat on an elevated seat behind me. As the ladies felt more and more uncomfortable, especially since where I was sitting was surrounded by muck, they began to pass remarks about how uncomfortable it was and how they couldn't sit properly etc. My buttocks may have been mentioned once or twice.

It was a while before they realised that I was getting irritated with all the complaining and ka-pow! I almost got disoriented by what happened next. Lady 1 tapped my shoulder and said, "Excuse me, you have broad shoulders." followed by a barrage of compliments about me and my appearance. Now, this is bizarre in most places, but in Chennai this is downright miraculous. Of course, it wasn't so miraculous when I realised that the lady was from Delhi, but at that stage I was reeling from the opening line anyway.

Much later I understood that Lady 1 was apparently trying to flirt with yours truly and I didn't realise this till we got off the wretched vehicle and Friend of Lady 1 told me that Lady 1 was asking me for my card because she wanted my phone number. At this stage, I articulated something on the lines of, "Ungh I'm married aagrh help."

And that was that. I turned around and have never looked in that general direction again for fear of seeing these women again.

So what I'm saying is that it's really embarassing for me when a person of the opposite gender makes a move on me. Being the decent man that I am, I'm usually found fumbling with words and my expressions are randomly swinging between perspiring-embarassed-dull-gaze to glorious-ego-boosted-smile.

I wonder how other dudes treat these situations. Any comments?

Update: Another interesting Chennai travel story.


  1. Did you know this is actually a racket? I'm not saying that it was so in your case, but a few incidents of this nature have been reported before.

    Some of them are criminals and they use this as a blackmailing weapon or to threaten male passengers of harassment etc. And most occasions the share-auto driver is in league with these ladies.

    I've read it before on the papers on one or two incidents of this nature. You are lucky to have got away with it.

    Never get into those share autos if you can help it. It's better to pay extra and use a normal auto.

  2. Whoa - that's scary. I'm not sure if it was in my case, but thanks for the info. Will try not to feel so happy again.

  3. Hey Rohan, Well i have to agree that as loyal and loving husbands one tends to become more naive, shall we say and suddenly all these moves are distant noises to you.

    Cut to 5 years in the minus and you would have not only taken her number, but also given yours. What could happen next is a subject of speculation; but that is not where we intend to go anyway.

    Although, once a while one a lady other than your wife thinks you are cute - does some morale boosting for yourself...No arguing there i guess...

  4. lolz..nice post dude..and that shared auto works in Dwarka (NCR) too :)

  5. @Akshat: Heh, yeah I guess it is morale boosting, but it's very uncomfortable now! And let's leave speculation be for now - this is a family blog!

    @rahul: So you mean girls picking up guys in share autos happens in Dwarka too? ;)

  6. You have a cute smile and twinkling look so very handsome...can I have your number?

  7. Arrgh, stay away all you women - see the ring?
    BTW, Giribala, is the site faster now? I made some changes.

  8. What ring? Is it some kind of a Lakshaman rekha? Beware of Rawanas then, they are armed with several tricks to kidnap you.
    Yep, your site is now behaving well.

  9. You should be happy mate. Despite your 'voluptuous behind' you got compliments :D LOLZ

  10. lolz..nice post dude..and that shared auto works in Dwarka (NCR) too :)