Thursday, July 9

Kambhakkt Ishq - the review


For some reason my movie-watching frequency at theaters has taken a nosedive in the recent past. So maybe it was desperation that led me to watch Kambhakkt Ishq when a friend who recently moved into town invited me. After I watched it though, I could think of only one word for it - brilliant.
(Left: Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor - wincing in delight)

Its punchy storyline and ultrakewl production design have you in awe from the first second. The script essays the antics of a very hot Indian-origin-soon-to-be-surgeon-cum-part-time-model in the US who tries to recover her mantra-chanting watch which she accidentally leaves inside a Hollywood stuntman whom she hates during her first surgery, only to discover that both of them are inconsolably, unspeakably, indisputably in love.

No, really.

This plot, my friend, is a flash of inspiration from the Gods. We can only wonder how such a brilliant storyline escaped the consciousness of all script writers, past, present and future.

Apart from the general brilliance, there is also a very tasteful scene in which an African-American lady digs into Akshay Kumar's butthole looking for smuggled goods. Of course, this is all in good humour and hence the movie is rated UA.

Annuuuu Mallliiiikkk - dear Lord. He, with any other spelling would smell the same. The song, 'Bebo, main bebo' had me tapping my feet in the cinema hall, but I had to stop because the person seated in front of me had a slight dislocation of the spinal cord. I also saw many others tap their feet out of the theater at this stage. They must have had something real important to do, because they missed one HELL of a movie.

There is also the presence of Hollywood, thus validating this movie for kewlness. I mean really, we are cool so we must like Hollywood films and their stars, right? So Stallone plays a cameo as himself, and not only does he give a Taurus award to Akki at an awards ceremony studded with fake stars, he even rescues surgeon Kareena and lingerie model Amrita Arora while they are driving through a shady neighbourhood with that Aftab fellow who never does any major roles. Mr Balboa just happens to be walking by at that time. After punching the lights out of the goons, he says 'Kambhaaaakt Eeeeessshk', for no particular reason and resumes his walk, this time (hold your breath) in slow motion.

Also there is Denise Richards, who seems to have reduced in quantity to Denise Richard as Akki-playa-Kumar calls her. We couldn't handle more than one of her, but one is just about right I think. Especially since our man dumps her for the surgeon with whom he finally finds trulowe.

So please, take your infants, toddlers, pre-teenagers and other family members to this movie. It's an experience you will never forget. Never.

Rating: 0.5 / 10


  1. Dear Lord, from the likes of your seriously funny review, i think the movie is worth a miss... :) btw, it seems like a lift off a Tam movie of Kamal Hasan, bollywoodized in Hollyland..and hence the ultra contrived story line. Wurst combo I say!!! Thanks Dooms for the warning!

  2. At least I had my first true experience of modern Bollywood movie. It was shock first and wanting to get out of the theater. But husband said to stay and watch. After that I had true fun :)

  3. I deny the comment above about wanting to stay in the cinema! Ok fine...I did insist on it....I had paid 60 bucks for a cheese popcorn and I could leave it and walk out without finishing it. God bless those who watch the movie a second was torture.

  4. @Preetster: You're right - the Tamil movie is called Pom something, the exact name escapes me. You're welcome.

    @Quo Vadis: Thanks. :)

    @Yuliya: Believe, this is just about the worst in recent times - there are many good Bollywood movies!

    @Neil: I know you like Bollywood popular flicks, it's nothing to be ashamed about. No need to hide behind the popcorn. ;)

  5. Since you are saying it is an unforgettable movie, I think I would like to give some people tickets to this movie along with money for popcorn. I really like these people.

  6. Waitamin!
    When you say "For some reason my movie-watching frequency at theaters has taken a nosedive in the recent past." does that mean you haven't watched Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Wolverine and Hangover?

    ....And Ice Age?

  7. Kewl!! Will surely watch it with my infants, toddlers, pre-teenagers and other family members.

  8. Yes, Yet another Karina and Akshay combo together. These are two young heart throb of not only of mumbai but India and the world.

  9. Anand: I see you REALLY like these people. May I also suggest boiling in oil? Just to kill the monotony.

    J: Yeah - my torrent downloading neighbour says that there are no good prints available online these days, is that true?

    Giribala: Very kewl no?

    Mumbai: Umm... yeah sure.

  10. the storyline...i dunno about tamil...but in telugu(dubbed from tamil) its "BRAHMACHARI"...*ing Kamal Hasan, simran, Abbas, Sneha...

  11. Yes, Yet another Karina and Akshay combo together. These are two young heart throb of not only of mumbai but India and the world.