Monday, June 15

T20 champions no more

Well, it had to happen. Dhoni's midas touch era finally seems to have come to an end. India hasn't even made the top 4 of this year's edition.

The most embarassing part of the loss was that all those times in the '80s and '90s where we couldn't win a test series abroad came back to haunt us. Short bowling made us look like scared little nincompoops as against the fearless young guns who won the title two years ago. Suresh Raina's backfoot bending sixers were fine in flat pitches with no real fast bowlers, but he was found wanting even in this form of the game where only one bouncer per over is allowed. Makes one wonder how he will manage in test cricket under trying conditions.

Another young talent, Ravindra Jadeja, found the situation too hot to handle and made a leisurely 25 from 35, outdoing even Dimitri Mascarenhas to claim the best test player award. Unfortunately, he's a T20 specialist. I really feel for Yuvraj Singh, MSD and Yusuf who did so well towards the end, especially the one handed straight six which was a gem of a shot. To tell you the truth though, this series has been a bummer from the beginning what with the weird match timings, Anil Kumble commentary, Harsha Bhogle's new rug and the male cheerleaders.

The only consolation for fans like me is that I can catch some sleep now that India won't feature in the tournament. And on that note, lurkers, good night.


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