Sunday, May 31

So darling


So darling! That's what millions of Federer fans must be calling Robin 'Mad Scientist' Soderling as he knocked out Federer's arch-nemesis and 4-time French Open winner Rafael Nadal in four sets. Just to put it in context, this is Nadal's first defeat ever on the courts of Rolland Garros! FIRST DEFEAT EVER!

Not that it's definite, but Roger Federer's dream of winning at Paris and completing a career slam may finally come true because of a man called Robin Soderling.

On another note, I had just assumed that Nadal would dominate the scene once Federer was dethroned, but it seems that no one will dominate the scene again as Federer did in his time, not even Nadal.

The French Open title will be won by someone other than Nadal this year - who'd have believed that line at the beginning of this year?

And for Fedex fans like me, we hope that he does a repeat of the 2008 US Open, the only slam he won last year. Go Roger!