Friday, May 22

Day 35 - Semi final 1 - IPL 2

Poor, poor Delhi. All those performances, all that consistency and dominance and they ran into one hell of a demolition job. One man called Adam Gilchrist. A man that won two World Cups for Australia proved why he's such a big match player by smashing 85 from 35 balls. The total of 153 could well have been a total 253 - that's what it seemed Adam Gilchrist was chasing. No other performance in the match was worth mentioning, honestly.

The top team in the tournament lost to the last team from last year. Deccan's comeback is certainly awesome. I just hope CSK doesn't end up as no 2 again this year - like England used to be in the World Cup finals all those years ago. Go, CSK!

Oh, and you must have thought that I was crazy when I predicted a Deccan vs CSK finals - I've got the first half right so far, so you better keep reading this blog!


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