Thursday, May 21

Day 34 - IPL 2

In a match as pointless as some of the meetings I attended at work today, DD beat the pants off the already pant-less Mumbai Indians. The only thing that wasn't firing for the capital team so far was the Viru-Gambhir beta combination, and that too has now come into its own. The 165 posted by Mumbai seemed much, much smaller. Watch out CSK in the finals. Ok I'm getting cocky, but we have been a consistent no 2.

Match 2, of course, was of much more consequence. RCB scored a semi-final-berth assuring 170 and went on to win the match. Pandey was quite the revelation with an unbeaten 114 - more than many team totals this year. Gibbs' heroics weren't enough to take DC home, and now they pay for losing this match as they face Delhi in the first semis tomorrow. It's testimony to how close this IPL has been that it took the last match of the league stage to decide the semi-finalists.

What will the next three matches hold for us? Will it be a Chennai vs Chargers final? Will Bangalore continue their dream run? Who knows? Stay tuned.


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