Monday, May 18

Day 31 - IPL 2

KKR chased 188 successfully against CSK. A visibly pissed-off Dhoni called it the 'worst bowling performance of the IPL'. I agree.

Resting Hayden didn't really seem to matter as a great batting effort by Raina and Dhoni as well as everyone else got the team to a total that seemed to be enough. Fortunately for KKR fans (if they're still watching the IPL), this was countered brilliantly by Hodge and McCullum. Unfortunately for CSK fans, Balaji, Morkel, Tyagi and Jakati decided to contribute to KKR's farewell gift by neatly packaging a shitload of runs.

CSK are still not out of the woods. They need to seriously look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves the question that Dhoni asks in the uncensored version of a fizzy, sweet drink commercial, "Do you have the balls?"


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