Saturday, May 16

Day 29 - IPL 2

What a day - The Hand that rocked the Lotus, rules the country again. Of course, the Left didn't do well, because you know that in our culture a 'Left Hand' means shit.

All the news channels are thrilled to bits that their exit polls were correct and this is a common headline across the board, 'UPA Win - Just as we had predicted.' CNN IBN is even showing that their new website has had 7.5 million hits so far. What joy for me.

I just hope that a united government is able to work towards the progress we desperately need now - no more communal tension, effective anti-terrorism measures, economic and infrastructural reforms. We've had enough of these problems - time to move on.

Moving to the IPL, one spot was booked in the semis. Mumbai effectively walked out of the semi-finals of IPL 2 when Sachin walked off the field having scored only 11 from 15 balls. Despite reaching a reasonable total, it was Sachin's reliable captaincy that ensured they would never make it past Dhoni and Hayden. If anyone should have the nickname 'The Wall', it really should be Hayden. Not only does he play with consistency and is difficult to get out, but he also looks massive - a veritable Great Wall of Chennai. And it is on this wall with an orange cap that Chennai have jumped to the other side of the tournament.

The only interest in the DC vs KKR match was to see if DC would continue to be in the hunt for the semis. KKR has become like the Third Front of this IPL now; they can only screw up the other teams' chances (as BJP claimed the Third Front did in these elections) to be in the top four, and that's exactly what one though when Andrew Symonds was run out.

KKR managed a very good total of 160 that was primarily a result of a 17-ball 43 by David Hussey. A solid start by Gilly didn't seem like it would be enough - at the end of the 19th over they still needed 21 to win. But a sensational final over, which Rohit Sharma faced most of, yielded 26 runs, and ensured that KKR continued its losing habit.

It wasn't without controversy though as Mortaza was no-balled in the early part of the over as one of the fielders wasn't within the circle. McCullum fought tooth and nail, but didn't manage to win the argument with the umpire. Poor McCullum I feel so bad for him, he showed so much determination today - being captain of KKR is very much like being CEO of Citi. Chief of a shiny, sinking ship.

Onto some blooperdom and today we feature a Ramiz Raja classic: "It's touch and go, and it's more go than touch." He really knows how to turn a phrase, with more phrase than turn. Also, check out a nice collection of these commentary classics from Cricinfo.

And is it just me or are the Zoozoos getting irritating? They were fine when they first appeared, but it's all too predictable now.


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