Friday, May 15

Day 28 - IPL 2

Battle of the North Indians was won by Punjab tonight. And everyone took a chance to hug Preity Zinta. A low total by Delhi ensured that they lost their third game, and made the points table much more crowded. Chennai's suddenly not hot tonight - and not only because it rained. Why did you lose, Delhi? Do you not like Chennai? Why so cocky, capital?

And speaking of South, check out this nice short story called 'In the South' by Rushdie - based in Besant Nagar, Chennai. There are some brilliant lines as usual, I leave with you with one of my favourites passages that talks about old age:

The old move through the world of the young like shades, unseen, of no concern. But the shadows see each other and know who they are.
Good night!


  1. That line is truly good!
    Really. gotta read the story now.

  2. Why is date on that story 18 May 2009?

  3. I suppose the published copy of it comes out on that date. Can't see any other reason.