Tuesday, May 12

Day 25 - IPL 2

Sorry for not adding a NSFW warning yesterday - my bad!

Determination is good in sport, but not when it's used to convert victories into losses. And so it came to pass that KKR of the mi-dust touch scored a total of 174 and lost comfortably to Mallya's boys. McCullum finally came good as fielder and batsman, but is still to come good as captain. Ross Taylor stitched together 81 from 33 balls to ensure that KKR's hole-digging continued to reach a new low. SRK's incentive to return continues to ensure that the team really works manfully against winning. Looking at McCullum though, you can't help but feel bad for him - he's like a strongman put in the middle of a nuclear battlefield. Fat lot of good those muscles do him.

Bravo to Mumbai who comfortably overtook KXIP's piddly totaly of 116 which was always going to be a low one when Duminy got Yuvraj out in his first over. KXIP's fortunes seemed to have reversed since Sreesanth got fit. His mediocre bowling and his basic fielding errors are only surpassed by his buffoonery. Tendlya finally coming into his own and making a decent-sized score and Lee steaming in like he did when he made his debut.

The table looks very interesting now. The last few games should see a desperate race to the finish with Rajasthan, Mumbai, Deccan, Bangalore and Punjab all vying for the last two spots in the semis. Much anticipation.

Also, I figured out Danny Morrison's sentence construction rule: A full stop. Is acceptable. At any point. In a sentence.

Sad IPL-related news - A man in Mumbai kills his son for watching the IPL. Men like him give drinking a bad name.


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