Monday, May 11

Day 24 - IPL 2

Another day of awful commentary, awful fielding, and great cricket.

Deccan Chargers started out with a bit of a setback. Gilly got Bucknored early in the match, or should I say bloody Baxtered? Still the Dwayne Smith-Andrew Symonds show pushed DC to a very good total of 166. Dwayne Smith's superb hitting gave one a little taste of what the great Sir Richards would have beeen doing to bowler's morales more than a couple of decades ago. There's no better sight than a West Indian batsman in full flow, is there?

Everyone's favourite team Royals started much like their opposition. Their Smith (Graeme) got slightly Bucknored again, this time by Kumara Dharmasena who has been fairly good in the tournament. From there though, things went downhill. A collapse was triggered after Asnodkar's run out and there was really nothing left to do but meekly surrender, making a scrappy 113. For a team that is supposed to be vying to retain their title this year, they certainly do seem to be a little light on batting.

On a lighter note, some 'expert' commentary exchange from today - Ranjit Fernando for an appeal, "Was it pitching outside leg stump?" The ball had actually pitched outside the off stump. Ramiz Raja replies, "You're absolutely right Ranjit. It was plumb, ball pitched in line and was hitting the stumps."
Are they even listening to each other?

Another one from Ranjit, "Yusuf Pathan goes right down the throat of Dwayne Smith, down in the deep." :-|

And is it just me or are the cheerleaders getting err... more s(k)inful looking? Esp, the Deccan Chargers and the Rajasthan Royals ladies. Well, something good had to come of moving the tournament out of India. Va-va-voom, I say!

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