Saturday, May 9

Day 22 - IPL 2

A little voice told me today, "Rohan, don't blog about just cricket all the time. What about your army of female fans?" So here you go ladies.

Today I went out to the Chennai Port Trust and had a whale of a time. Took part in two activities - floating in the water courtesy the life jackets, and sailing. I sailed two boats - an 'Enterprise' which I found difficult to manoeuvre and a 'Laser' that was far better and I was able to control it quite decently with my weight, courtesy TNSA. Speaking of weight - it caused quite a bit of embarassment when the weak folks in my boat struggled to pull me out. A completely fun day.

And then there was the IPL.

By the time I returned from the sailing adventure, I was just in time to witness the first succesful chase of the evening. KXIP's victory over the chargers definitely creates quite a stir in the quest for the top 4. Had they lost today, they wouldn't have been nipping at the heels of the top 4, but their effort ensures that none of the top 4 can afford to take it easy.

Chennai delighted in their run chase. Haydos was at his consistent best and Badri finally came into his own. The Royals lost to CSK for the first time in the history of IPL despite a great effort at the end to reach 140.

Not much change in the top 4 now, the tenants of those positions are still holding on although they keep frequently getting interchanged. CSK and DD are the only ones with momentum though and that certainly seems like the final match of this year's IPL at this stage.

I'm off to nurse my aches and pains, it's good night for now!


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