Saturday, May 9

Day 21 - IPL 2

Mumbai got thrashed and is now looking like it has sealed its fate of joining KKR as the second team to have no chance of getting to the semis. A total of under 120 was always going to be difficult to defend and despite a good effort in the field by MI, Sachin's not-so-golden arm put paid to any hopes they had, by letting DD get 19 in an over. If Dhoni was captain, I suppose, Sachin would have completed his hatrick.

A hiccupy, but in the end effective performance by DD and true to the current state of the tournament, the winner of the match goes to the top of the table. DD, of course, is a step ahead as it has 12 points from 8 games - more points than anyone else with less games than anyone else except Deccan. KXIP, RCB and Mumbai really need to pull their socks up now to manage a spot in the semis and none of them have momentum on their side. Tomorrow will see the top spot change again as two in form teams take on each other - the Royals take on CSK. And DC might come back to the top if it beats Punjab. The possibilities are delightfully unstable.


  1. its seems that mumbai indians almost lost their way

  2. Yeah, I was discussing this with a friend and I agree with him when he says, just because Sachin is the 'icon' player, doesn't make him a good captain. Really think they should give to someone more enterprising. The great player that he is, he's never been great captaincy material, even for India.

  3. its seems that mumbai indians almost lost their way