Thursday, May 7

Day 20 - IPL 2

Wah, wah. What a day. The Royals continue their stupendous performance. After scoring 211 in their last game, they kept their drunken opposition down to less than half that. Last match's top batting performance was followed by a disciplined bowling performance - and that's what's scary about this team. For a no-stars team with no obvious strengths, they are excelling in every department of the game.

Match 2 was a humdinger with Chennai emerging marginally more King than Punjab. Sreesanth's return has rejuvenated the Punjab bowling attack. And the very same team that let the Rajasthan Royals get to 211 let the Chennai Super Kings exceed 180 in a rain-curtailed 18 over match. Sreesanth's screaky sledging stylings as Hayden left the field after scoring 89, alongwith his schlocky statements, are testimony to his class and why the second word of FIPLP's sobriquet for him suits him to a tee. In case you're wondering, the word is 'Chutiya'. Haydos and Mahi were particularly murderous today. A lion-hearted effort from Yuvi, Katich and Jayawerdene threatened to take it away in the chase, but it was a little too much even for them as Dhoni's masterstroke of bowling Raina at the end combined with Balaji's cool headed two overs stopped what had become a runaway hitting spree for KXIP. Suddenly they were scoring 4 and 5 runs an over where they were going at 12 and 13. CSK should have had the game in the bag much earlier, but their shoddy fielding pushed the match very close to the edge.

And if the rains deprive us the pleasure of the time-out, may it rain every single match.


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