Monday, May 4

Day 16 - IPL 2

Kolkata Knight Riders seemed to be out of it at their 15 over stage chugging along barely at 6 an over, but a final blitz from Hodge saw them surge past 150. However, it's not easy thing to win when your determination to lose is so strong. And so it passed that KKR shot themselves in the foot in the field - over and over again, until they ensured that KXIP Punjab won it off the last ball. And did I see Yuvraj say, "Fuck you" to Ganguly?

RCB vs Mumbai on the other hand was decidedly one-sided. Who thought Kallis could have batted like this? And Uthappa has finally come good this IPL. Just when my shandy-covered tongue at the Pune airport professed that he would no longer be the force he once was. Ah, what the hey - the drink was good anyway. This team has really come a long way - another underdog story perhaps?

Boring observation of the day: The IPL short and long codes that are flashed on the score ticker at the bottom of the screen and the website ( or keep changing.

Tomorrow sees the beginning of a new diet. I shall fight the fat, I say!


  1. One thing with KKR though, Is is only me or does any one else find the " baseball communication " funny...I just could'nt help laughing at John Buchanan showing the throat slitting gesture at his next batsman ...Srikanth

  2. Hehe, yeah even I found McCullum's frantic "Buy-me-new-bangles" gesture quite funny.