Saturday, April 25

Money buys you a warm, fuzzy feeling

Do you just love me?

Have you ever wondered, "I love this blogger so much, I wish I could pay him loads of money, but I don't know how!" Are you one of those that think, "I have this couple of million bucks that I just don't need. I wish I could give it to someone deserving."

Well, fear not! I have just the solution for you! Presenting the Paypal donation button for Daily Humor. Everything your favourite blogger deserves! C'mon and loosen those purse strings now, and make my dreams come true. Remember - it's not begging if it's online. And it will you give a warm fuzzy, feeling inside. Really.

[Link posted on sidebar for ready reference]

And that's not all, for very low rates I can do the following:
$10 - Think happy thoughts about you
$20 - Write a nice thing about you on the blog
$50 - Tell people that you really are a wonderful person on Facebook + Youtube+ Blog (poem included, belly dance costs $500 extra)
$5000 - Think really evil things about those you dislike - takes the poison out of your mind without sparing your hated one! (Wishing for their / their children's death not included)
$10000 - Personal visit, one-to-one interesting conversation, a bit of good humored-banter, plus all of the above.
$100,000 - Heck yeah! If you're coughing up a 100 grand, you probably are just generous. So I'll give you all of the above, and you will also feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. No pun intended.

Note: Donations are not limited to the above amounts. I accept anything, even decimal amounts. e.g. $10.62


  1. Ha,Is that zimbabwean dollars we are talking here? I think you ask for too little mate....Srikanth

  2. Nice strategy. Folks in my college came up with that in a crazy B-Plan competition. Anyways, a minor issue: your feeds come with a huge white space in the end.

  3. Hey Vineet, thanks. Guess Adsense's messing up as I don't see any ads either.

  4. What if I think good things for you? Will that mean I donated you $10 ;)

  5. @J: Hehe. Why not? :D Kind of inspired by sites like this actually:
    But he lacks my class and finesse.

    @Abhishek: If you think good things about me, I'll reply to your comment.

  6. I was about to send $500 to get that warm fuzzy feeling.

    But it's hitting 45 degrees in Delhi, and what with the global warming and shit... I dont think I can handle anymore warm fuzz.

    Will send in December.

  7. @Saad: Warm can be substituted with cool anytime. 500 US Dollars - now!