Saturday, April 18

God, please let me be Superman. Ok, at least give me the power to fly. X-Ray vision? Anything?

From Hindustan Times:

A ballerina, Spiderman, a vet, a train driver and sometimes even a sea lion: these are the jobs that toddlers see themselves in when they grow up.

Kate Castine, an adviser to Australia's department of education, isn't happy about this and wants four-year-olds to be more serious about their career options.
C'mon Ms. Castine! What's wrong with four-year-olds wanting to be Spiderman when they grow up? Till the age of ten I prayed every night to be Superman. I also convinced the prayee that I would use my powers real justly - no naughty X-Ray vision stuff. And I turned out just fine. By day I'm a disgruntled employee, and by night I write a weirdish blog.



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