Friday, April 3

Get ready for more Charu!

As a consequence of moving the series abroad (or so they say), the kind folks at IPL have decided to have a five-minute break at the end of every ten overs. You know what that means - more 'brilliant', 'shining' and 'luminous' commentary from a man who was fired from a vague position of a team that did poorly at last year's IPL.

Ironically, I'm hoping that they really stuff those five minutes with ads, else we could see more jam sessions with this dude and that Arun Lal fellow, whose ramblings make even the ongoing India-NZ test series seem like 'The hottie and the nottie'.

Left: Charu seen in his previous television appearance at 'Yo Momma'. He didn't make it very far.
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  1. why do u hate this guy so much?

  2. A more pertinent question is - dude why are you called Shangu!!! :D