Saturday, April 25

Day 8 - IPL 2

Lalit Modi is not supposed to be out of India. And since he is, he decided to share his break with us by creating what is the equivalent of a commercial break in a movie - a tactical time-out. Sachin Tendulkar and the Mumbai Indians definitely won't be fans of Modi's brainwaves today. What a disaster - they were cruising after ten overs of their batting. And they had a great bowling comeback after a quick DC start!

Good job by the Deccan Chargers though (or as the ToI likes to call them - Team Hyderabad), they're scripting quite the ultimate turnaround so far, from last to no. 1 this year. 3 out of 3 matches they've won this year.

How about strategizing a reserve day Mr La-mo? Did that ever cross your ass... err... mind?

On a more serious note, this evening seemed eerily empty. Had to make do with Constantine on WB and some other old movies. The end of IPL 2 is gonna give me withdrawal symptoms worse than season 1. Last year, I wasn't tweeting or blogging so much. :(


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