Friday, April 24

Day 6 - IPL 2

A binge last night with friends, a strike in Chennai, playing Scrabble with my beautiful wife and having Pepperoni Pizza made today lazy and enjoyable. Bring on the heart attack.

IPL, of course, was on. Chennai lost. Not gay for Dhoni no more. :( Still great performance from CSK, at least they got close and gave it a good fight. First close-ish match of the tournament. Daredevils were more than Super.

A second, and finally a really close game. I always wanted a Royal Knight Riding, the Royals were underdogs I felt, hence the support. They came back because of their captain's passion and competitive spirit.

A Gayle storm threatened to start with, then Warne quelled the storm. After that, Ganguly almost took it away. Kamran Khan effected a run out off the last ball leading to the first tie this season. I was half expecting a bowl out, when they announced a Super Over.

For those who don't know what a Super Over is:
1. 6 balls bowled to each team starting with the team that batted second
2. A max of two wickets can be lost, after which the over is deemed finished
3. The chasing team needs to chase the target set by the team batting first

And Mr Kamran took the Super Over! Talk about giving responsibility to your young players! Shane Warne certainly was bold in his captaincy. Hopefully this gives India a lot of young talent to choose from.

After waiting for an eternity, this happened:

KKR Super Over: 1 1 Wd 4 4 4 W
RR Super Over: 6 2 6 4

Gayle was reduced to a strong wind with 14 runs in the first over. Yusuf Mendis-ed his ways, didn't go across the line this time and closed it out in four deliveries. What a match!

Good night!


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