Thursday, April 30

Day 13 - IPL 2

A wonderful evening with family and beer and two decent IPL games. Ah, today was worth taking leave for.

After the battle of the losers yesterday, we saw the top two teams go head to head today. Who decides these draws? It was a hard fought match by the Chargers, but it was always going to be the Daredevils when Gilly and Gibbs fell early. Dilshan held his nerve to guide Delhi home. I guess dropping Laxman is an unlucky omen for DC as their first loss came when they first dropped last year's captain.

The Super Kings finally got something under the belt and everyone's favourite underdog, the Royals, fell short. What fun it would have been had Yusuf Pathan carried on. It wasn't all joy for the victors though. There was a bit of a tragedy for Raina, he celebrated his century and everything when he hadn't completed it and eventually holed out on 98. It was a great innings in its own right with a number of his left knee-bending shots, and it did take the Super Kings to a total of over 160 which turned out to be comfortable. 5 points now, and they're beginning to look much stronger.

Bucknor of the day (and maybe the whole series): Gary Baxter. Who is he and which genius came up with the plan of him officiating with Amiesh Saheba??


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