Tuesday, April 28

Day 11 - IPL 2

What a team! No hype, no expensive buys, no fake bloggers, no bling - all heart. It's hard to not support the Rajasthan Royals. Last year they were the underdog before the tournament started. This year, 4 matches into the tournament they became the underdog. One hopes that today's match changes their fortunes.

How one loves this team and their story: a seasoned skipper backing his young guns from India to take them to victory. Last time they won it was a young fast bowler called Kamran Khan whose face had to be held between Warne's palms because he couldn't stop smiling. This time Yusuf Pathan with a 30-ball unbeaten 62 took someone with Vettori's experience to the cleaners and blotted the Delhi Daredevils' all-win record.

Sure DD batted badly, the boundaries were small, but when a team with low confidence is 5 down for 64 with a run rate of over 8 required you sometimes take the result for granted.

The IPL is nicely set up now. Mumbai stands at no. 3, but I wonder if it will manage to get into the semis, I hope they do, but don't know if they have the fire power to do it. C'mon Chennai, you can come back! It's great though, the only teams who seem to be sure of where they're heading are KKR and RCB.

This cricket match is what IPL is all about. I just wish they cut down on the fluff: commentators forcing themselves to say how crowded the stadium is, Lalit Modi stops his lame moves of signing autographs with a camera following him. We really don't need that. Just focus on the cricket. And the cheerleaders maybe.


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