Monday, April 27

Day 10 - IPL 2

At least one of the days has gotten over on time. 11:30 PM.

Chennai, Chennai Super Kings - trying to give RCB and KKR an intense fight in their race for the bottom, the rain rescued them and gave them one more point. What a disappointment from my (current) home team. Meanwhile, the Chargers continue the dream run and look scarily '90s-Australian-ish. It's more interesting though because Australia didn't have the Daredevils for competition. Gibbs murdered us. The last over was seen in a car showroom, it's good that I didn't run home on time for it.

The Mumbai Indians marauded the poor KKR who in addition to their ignominous performance were called the Right Niders several times. Losing by 90-odd runs and having a fake blogger possibly part of your team must be thrilling for Shah Rukh Khan - so much publicity. A second IPL of profits, SRK? Coming back to the cricket, that's what happens when you have Sachin and Jayasuriya opening the innings. Only in the IPL. All said and done, Tendlya is still Tendlya - a gem of a man and a gem of a cricketer, whatever some (fake) bloggers might have to say.

Day dream: I wish there was an IPL of test cricket. I know it wouldn't have the mass appeal of T20, but idiots like me just drool at the prospect. How much more beautiful would today's match have been in Test Cricket.

And a beautiful piece on cricket commentary on Cricinfo - Night of the screamers.

I leave you with a quote from the article:
When something great happens, they have nowhere to go, no upper register left to use. When 20 off 10 balls exhausts your superlatives, how do you describe a hundred off 50 balls? When a young Indian domestic player getting away a couple of beefy blows is so thrilling, what tone do you adopt for Sachin Tendulkar? As Gilbert and Sullivan put it in The Gondoliers, "When everyone is somebodee / Then no one's anybody"


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