Saturday, April 18

Day 1 - IPL 2

Well, it was really a turn around, wasn't it? Last year's not-so-good teams beating the runners-up and the winners of IPL 1.

One thing's for sure, there's gonna be less runs scored this year. Less slogging and more technique. You can take the IPL out of India, but you can't take the Indian pitches along with you. I sorely missed the crowds as well. Despite the second match being fully attended, it still doesn't quite match the pressure cooker atmosphere of India.

We again saw that money matters less than brains in team selection. Chennai Super King's most expensive player in terms of dollars was their most expensive bowler in terms of runs. The relatively low-profile Praveen Kumar and Dmitri Mascarenhas had a major impact in the Royally slow match.

On a different note, the coverage by Max has been a million times better. There is, of course, quite a bit of Mandira, the host Sameer has oddly staccato eyebrows and Arun Lal is still the resident expert. Still, there is not much cutting into advertisements at the cost of live coverage. Also present are some good recaps of wickets, highlights etc. Most importantly, in-game advertising has so far been non-intrusive. Very good, Sony. Don't go messing it up in the next month now.

Speaking of next month, a lot of distracted Indian employees are predicted.


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