Sunday, March 22

Top 10 reasons to look forward to IPL season 2

According to me. Feel free to add!

10. Pommie presence
English players will play this year - some kick-ass players might add spice to the IPL.

9. All safe and secure
In the Lahore aftermath, whiny cry babies no longer will be able to say, "I'm so scared of death. Oooh. I won't play." All teams will be at full strength.

8. Jaago re and all that
No security dilution. We will be able to exercise our democratic right without fear. Politicians will be honest, India will change. No wait...

7. "I think therefore, you are unpatriotic"
Modi will no longer have nightmares about Chidambaram's loud thoughts. And his patriotism will no longer be under threat.

6. KP of Good times
KP will captain the Bangalore team. Hopefully, Charu Sharma will in no way be involved and the team won't end up at unlucky number 7.

5. No more Punter banter
Ponting skips IPL2 after an embarassing salary figure during season 1. Guess the whining and cheating didn't pay. Maybe grandma was right, Ricky.

4. This fart brought to you by...
Hopefully, Sony will not broadcast the IPL. And there won't be ads everytime someone pauses between a sentence.

3. The kings might rule
Chennai Super Kings have an imposing line-up this year - Flintoff and Hussey the new additions, will Dhoni lead them to victory this year? Hopefully, my current base location home team kicks butt.

2. No more salwar kameezes
Cheerleaders can be more scantily dressed as fringe groups won't be out to rescue culture in other countries.

1. It's actually happening
God knows we need some entertainment in these trying times. As Randy Jackson says - WHAT!


  1. more the kidMarch 24, 2009 2:44 PM

    -Hopefully, pre,post and mid-match studio analysis will not see starlets and TV actors spouting gyan on cricket. That hope is tied with the point no 4 on your post.
    - Will they still play that atrocious song(?) of Ila Arun during Rajasthan Royal matches- you know, the one that has as much emlody as someone racking nails on a blackboard.
    -They will not interview Daler Mehndi while live telecast is still on

  2. Yeah dude, I just thought of another - cutting to a commercial before the last ball is bowled.

  3. I like reason 2 more than the Loved the list.

  4. I like reason 2 more than the Loved the list.