Friday, March 13

Pietersen attributes India's ODI success to IPL

KP says:

India are taking one-day cricket to a different level. Have you seen the way they are playing in New Zealand? Then compare that to what we did out there last year.
This is an interesting read. While there may be an element of truth to the statement, it somehow doesn't quite add up. For example, how does that explain India getting thrashed in the T20s in NZ? Sehwag has always been a force to reckon with as far as strike rate and dominance is concerned, how much would one season of IPL have changed that? Sachin didn't play the IPL and hardly plays T20s. They've been instrumental in the ODI wins.

On the lighter side, it seems to be a veiled plea to the ECB to not hinder the participation of English players in the IPL. It's like me justifying to my manager why an onsite stint would be good for business.


  1. more the kidMarch 13, 2009 2:53 PM

    Kp has already been cleared to play in IPL and is already one of the most expensive player in the league. Infact he himself has been making some dubious noises abut security!
    There is an element in what KP says. Look at Raina, Gambhir, Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan..each of them came into lime light post-T20 success. Raina seemed to be more consistent after IPL and Gambir rediscovered himself after the T20 world cup. Even Sehwag's average and consistency has been on upswing post-T20 victories- though I dont think the shorter version as such engendered a change in him- it was more in terms of his attitude. He still hits the ball as he used to , but he is not averse to take quick singles which was an element missing earlier from his batting when he would score a blistering 30-40 and get out trying to play a lone hand . rotating the strike has improved a lot in sehwag's game.
    I am also hoping that Robin Uthappa will also somehow make it into the side. He is one Indian batsman who seems to play short-pitched stuff well and comfortable with playing hook and pull against genuine pace- probably the only weakness in the current Indian lot, with the exception of sachin and Sehwag- though Sachin doesnt play these shots very often now and Sehwag has never been much of a puller or hooker either(not that he cant play the short stuff though, just that he doesnt play these shots much)

  2. I agree about Uthappa, I think he got a little carried away with the unnecessary agression stuff and that led to a dip in his consistency.

    I still kinda blame Gavaskar for Sachin not playing the hook/pull so much anymore, I remember how he used to say it was not a 'percentage shot', but it was the shot that got Tendlya in the limelight anyway, first at his Pakistan debut and then at Perth. He gave those shots up quite some time ago.

    Great to have comments longer than my post. Keep 'em coming, Sid!