Sunday, March 22

IPL moves out of India

I think they are patriotic Indians. I think they will take a call.
Well there you have it. Chidambaram's loud thinking has led to the smart folks at IPL promptly moving the tournament out of India. After last year's bemusement at national stars playing for regional teams with foreign players, this year we'll have Indian regional teams with foreign players playing in a foreign country according to IST. What next? IPL 3 played with baseball rules in football stadia? Foreign teams playing Indian sports in foreign conditions? Indian conditions playing foreign teams in regional sports according to GMT?

PJs notwithstanding, reactions have been mixed to the move, with biased veterans citing arbitrary reasons like the word 'Indian' in the acronym IPL for cancelling the tournament. As a fan though, I don't give a singular hoot about this or similarly inane arguments.

Only I know how last year's blazing summer passed, and the withdrawal symptoms I had when the season ended. I'll be damned if I don't feel like that again. I have to go to work every day and as long as I can come back home in time for the second innings, I'm fine. Hell, even the cheerleaders can be more scantily dressed. Yay for me all round.

Kudos to Modi and Co. for not bowing down to bickering politicians and figuring out a way to keep the fans happy. I just hope that they don't compromise on security and the hurried change of venue doesn't cause a second Lahore. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and in other IPL news - KP will lead the Royally Challenged. Guess Dr. Mallya's off the cheap whiskies and sipping the good stuff. Maybe he'll shake off that hangover from last year and finally have some good times.


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