Saturday, February 14

Seven Pounds - The review


I have nothing against slow movies. I like some of them, I really do. But I don't like slow and stupid. And that's exactly what 'Seven Pounds' is. This Will Smith starrer had me reaching under my skin and pulling my organs out!

During the first half of the movie, you feel like you're being set up for something - a wild twist or at least an interesting ending, but by the end of the movie you just feel plain set up.

The movie follows an IRS agent Ben Thomas who goes around meeting people to make judgments about whether they are basically good or bad people. That very notion makes the movie a little immature as against something like 'Crash' which showed different sides of human personalities so beautifully. You have no idea why he's doing this (or at least that's what the script assumes you think), but you don't need any exceptional prescience to feel a crappy revelation coming on; and this is what the the fate of the movie rests on - a mushy, boring and contrived 'twist'.

As it plays out, the ending scores high on the cheesometer (a couple of notches below Hancock maybe, but that's still quite high) and some bizarre structuring fails to pick it up. After a few flashbacks and leading hints questions like, "What happened in his past life?" and "What does this lead to?" start giving way to "Why are they tormenting me so?" and "Where should I have dinner after this?"

The characters are poorly developed with the judgmental protaganist being the most ordinary of them all. Will Smith has acted well, so too have most of the actors, but there's only so much lipstick you can put on a pig. Gabriele Muccino's direction fails to come even close to the magic of 'Happy-ness' and the movie's meandering dialogue and uni-dimensional plot fail to engross you at any point . The teary-eyed characters are a constant reminder to the fact that you are completely wasting precious minutes of your life.

One-line review: Slow, boring and entirely missable. It's a 4 on 10.


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