Monday, January 26

Akshay Kumar gives Padma Shri to Aamir Khan, apologizes to Shekhar Suman

Akshay Kumar today shocked all and sundry at the Padma Shri awards ceremony by saying that he didn't deserve the award and Aamir Khan was the rightful recipient. "It's a hard to, youknow, deserve credit for not mine righteously", he grunted. He went on to spout, "This years in the IPL also, when Delhi Daredevils win we plan to give the award to Aamir Khan. Unggh."

On a completely unrelated note, he said, "I will never make another Chandni Chowk to China. I'm apologize to Shekhar Suman that I made him apologize." Incidentally, this statement elicited tremendous applause.

When reminded that Aamir Khan had already won the award , Akki retorted with an emotional "Arrggh" and leapt on to the roof. Apparently, he was promoting his upcoming film Kambakth Ishq where he plays a stuntman.

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