Saturday, December 13

Saina Nehwal's passport

Saina Nehwal says:
I am really sad about the way they treat sportpersons in the country. I mean, it is their responsibility to take care of the sportspersons not only about cricket but other sports as well.
Don't get me wrong, the very fact that Saina Nehwal's passport was delayed is tragic. Thank goodness the MEA has decided to remedy that.

But isn't making this another one of those cricket vs other sports debates trivalizing the issue? What about all those other Indians who need their passports on time to see a beloved one for the last time or see their grandkids for the very first time? Is their urgency less important? Isn't the government supposed to take care of all its citizens? There's a bigger picture in this story that will be missed by many. What to do but? Indian citizen - चलता है, no?

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