Tuesday, December 2

Movie Review - "Sorry, bhai!"


Now that we've resiliently moved on from the terrorist attacks, it's time to do a little movie review. Today we feature 'Sorry, bhai!'.

Bollywood has been getting bolder about challenging the value systems portrayed on screen so far, from extra-marital affairs, the Lolita style 'Nishabdh', the wildly controversial 'Fire', and even the boring 'Dostana'. Not that it's always a good thing, as some of these movies prove. 'Sorry, bhai!' is another movie that, at it's heart, challenges some fundamental 'values' that were the staple of Bollywood films for years.

The film is largely a flashback of a family comprising Sharman Joshi, Sanjay Suri, Chitrangada Singh (Va-va-voom!), Boman Irani, a couple of kids and a deceased mother. It starts out on a humorous note with Joshi, the mad scientist trying to prove the existence of tele-kinetic energy with the help of a plastic dog called 'Einstein'. His absent-minded-scientist forgetfulness and boyish acting is the source of much of the film's humor.

As the trailers show, this movie is obviously one of a younger brother doing something he's not proud of with his brother's fiancee. (Hence, the title 'Sorry, bhai!'). That is the only spoiler you'll read here. The heart of the movie is the nicely woven chemistry between the members of the dysfunctional family and the daughter-in-law to be, owing in no small part to the veterans Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi. Boman Irani is the typical happy dad, and Shabana does a great job of portraying a tough-as-nails mother with a softer side, but the movie brings out their weak and strong moments well, making them more human. The very hot Chitrangada Singh also does a good job of playing the 'Draupadi' of the film as someone in the audience pointed out. I take this opportunity to make a special mention for the loser who kept screaming his opinions throughout the movie. Fuck you. May your mouth be riddled with worms.

Speaking of negatives, the only problem I had with the film was the rather slow and lack lustre last forty-five minutes or so. It took away from the interaction between the characters and the songs seemed wrongly timed. There was a little too much boo-hoo-life's-so-tough for my liking and it certainly took the sheen off the enormous expectations that the first half built.

All, in all, I had a feeling that this would be a damp squib and the only reason I watched it was that I had a few hours to kill; it definitely exceeded my expectations which were rock bottom to start with. Worth a watch, for sure.

My rating: 6.5 on 10


  1. It seems the terror trail will take some to be purged going by the solemness in your review. - Uncharacteristic but justifiable.

    Watched 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' to kill time and was entertained in snatches for about an hour. The other one hour was 'dragging your feet' genre of cinema. Your review tells me 'Sorry, Bhai!' wouldn't have been a better bet either.

  2. Yeah, you can imagine if I actually went to a *theater* to watch *this movie*, how starved of entertainment I was. Anyway, switching back to old logo now.