Thursday, December 4

Indian media - sullying fact

Barkha Dutt is the face of modern Indian news channels - brave but brash, mature but insensitive and worst of all, over anxious to get a newsbyte. I especially detested having to see her report after 26/11. In fact, the backlash against her and her industry was so large that she had to come out with this clarification. It isn't ridiculous, but borders on ordinary. Check out of one these lines for instance:
If we were indeed the obstacle, or the "disabling force" why did they have time for us in the middle of an operation?

Now, look at the video below. Does anyone really look like they are making time for Barkha Dutt?? Is anyone dying to give their interview? Is she in a hurry to move back?

More junk:
Wasn't it important to touch upon the human dimension and not just the military one?

For whom, the family members or the TV channels seeking high TRP's?

Yes, I agree, the media is not all bad, but they really need to get their act together and desist from these and other awfully desperate acts to gain more credibility. Creating viewer interest should not be synonymous with sensationalism, we have entertainment channels for that.


  1. If you are disgusted with Barkha Dutt! Watch her colleagues at Aaj Tak, Star News and the one and only INDIA TV!

  2. Heh, unfortunately she defended the whole lot of them in her clarification!

    "Allegations that I or any of my colleagues across the industry shoved a microphone in the faces of any waiting relative, are untrue in the extreme."

    Guess these guys will stand for each other no matter what they do.

  3. I have lost all my respect for 'THE Barkha Dutt' (of the Kargil fame who inspired an entire generation of youngsters to take journalism as a profession) after reading that she asked " How do you feel?" to a rescued man.

  4. That's true WIAN, those were really the glory days of Indian TV journalism.

  5. Barkha Dutt would be the last of your problems if you saw the feature on pigeons !!

    Seriously speaking, I agree to the views here. It is time they own up to their mistakes instead of coming out with a defense after every incident (case in point Aarushi murder)

  6. Deepak, I don't think any sensible person considers India TV anything other than an entertainment channel, I'm sure even they want people to take videos of their 'specials' and post them on Youtube for all to laugh at. TRPs, remember?

    My post here was aimed at the so-called 'serious' channels.

  7. Like I said, the India TV thing was in pure jest.
    But you should have seen the way people all over were reacting when they got the news that an alleged terrorist apparently called India TV.
    But Indians on twitter were going :
    Relax .. its India TV.

  8. Whoops, I just looked at my previous comment, and it sounded a little rude. Sorry about that Deepak!

    You're right about India TV though.