Thursday, December 4

Believing in advertising

Wired writes:
Apple doesn't want you to believe what it says, even though the company claims it's not lying.

I know false advertising and all that, but isn't this going a little overboard? I mean, do you really believe an ad that says, "Twice as fast", and go measure the speed of the product to check if it really is exactly two times faster than whatever? Where do you draw the line, then? Just think what would happen in the following cases:

1. Unilever would be sued because Axe didn't cause hot girls to cling to unattractive, young men.
2. Coke would be sued for every warm bottle.
3. Perfetti would be sued for not lighting a bulb in your head.
4. Airtel would be sued for not breaking barriers.
5. Adidas would be sued because impossible really was something.
6. Dish TV would be sued because wishing didn't lead to dishing.

You get the picture...


  1. And Nike would be sued if you couldn't do it :-)

  2. And Pepsi would be sued for not transporting you to the magicrappy land of 'Youngistaan'. We can go on with this forever. :)